Girls Uniforms - Jerseys - PACKAGE 1 of 3
JERSEYS and TRAINING VEST Package includes Jerseys for Home, Away, Alternate and Training Vest - Diablo Valley Wolves Color: White $41.99, Wolves Pricing $30 Color: Grey $41.99, Wolves Pricing $30 Color: Lt. Blue $41.99, Wolves Pricing $30 Color: Red $14.99, Wolves Pricing $12 Sublimated front with Diablo Valley Wolves and Crest. Back sublimated numbers with...
Girls Uniforms - Shorts - PACKAGE 2 of 3
SHORTS Package includes shorts for Home and Away - Diablo Valley Wolves Color: Standard Length White $24.99, Wolves Pricing $19.99 or Fitted Length(shorter) White $24.99, Wolves Pricing $19.99 Diablo Valley Wolves color logo right leg. Condor brand logo left leg.  Color: Black $24.99, Wolves Pricing $19.99 or Fitted Length(shorter) Black $24.99, Wolves...
Girls Uniforms - Socks - PACKAGE 3 of 3
SOCKS Package includes socks for Home and Away  - Diablo Valley Wolves Engineered Yarns Are Created to Hold Grip in Wet or Dry Conditions Color: White $17.99, Wolves Pricing $14.99.  Pro socks with "DVW" black lettering on shin and Condor logo (calf) Color: Black...
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